ImagiPLAY Veggie Cutting Set Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

I never thought about the quality of toys until after I had Tobin. Now I have discovered that I want high quality toys that will last, toys that inspire imagination, and toys that teach him things. I recently discovered an online store that offers all of these qualities and much more, and that place is […]

Valentine’s Day Event: Vat19 Finger Drums Review

Do you ever have a hard time buying some people gifts because they are hard to shop for or they already have everything? I know I have that problem with quite a few people! So, I was so excited when I discovered Vat19! Vat19 is an online store that has unique and unusual gifts. They […]

Valentine’s Day Event: Sweetly You Review

For those of you who really know me, you know how much I LOVE baths! I used to take a bath almost every night before I had Tobin (and when I was pregnant there were days I took baths 2-3 times every day). Baths completely relax me and I always take a book with me, […]

Valentine’s Day Event: Oh! Nuts Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

I am a BIG fan of candy, so when I discovered Oh! Nuts, I found myself drooling!  Oh! Nuts is a place where you can buy candy, chocolates, nuts, and dried fruits. There is something for everyone! Their candy is fresh and because they sell in bulk, you can get your treats the way you […]

DownEast Basics Review & Giveaway (2 Winners) **CLOSED**

Once I was married, I started caring about covering myself and looking more modest. Unfortunately, trying to find modest clothing that was still cute and trendy was almost impossible to find! Then I discovered DownEast Basics and fell in love. When I first discovered them, they mostly just had undershirts and really cute tees and […]