Beat Summer Boredom with New Costumes from Costume SuperCenter

**I received the costume featured below free of charge in order to do an honest review. No other compensation was received. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.** It’s the middle of summer and I have started to hear the daily cries of “I’m bored”! You know what’s a […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!

This is a little late, but a couple of days ago my sweet little Noah turned 3!!! He is such a sweet blessing in our life. If you have been following my blog from the beginning, then you will remember that we struggled with getting pregnant with Noah. With Tobin, it only took a few months to […]

Potty Training the Second Time Around

When I started potty training Tobin….it was a nightmare! He was not officially potty trained until he was 4 and even then we still had issues. He is now 6 and totally potty trained and wipes himself….phew! Noah on the other hand, has been interested in the potty since he was about 15 months old. I […]

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Last Thursday my baby turned 2!!!! How time flies! Funny thing though, this birthday I didn’t feel sad that he was turning 2 because I already felt like he was and the party was just a formality. He seems so big and so much older than what he really is sometimes. It was so fun […]

Weaning…the Second Time Around

With both my boys I nursed them and was determined to do it until they were a year old. With Tobin, I now realize I was not ready to stop nursing and neither was he. So I found all sorts of excuses to keep nursing…he was sick, then he wouldn’t drink cow’s milk, and then […]

Noah’s Birthday Week

Last week was Noah’s first birthday. I had a lot of fun things planned including his first trip to the zoo and a fun monkey themed birthday party. Unfortunately, Noah was teething (he was getting 3 new teeth, 2 of which were molars), throwing up, got shots the day of his party and in the […]

Happy Birthday, Noah!

I can’t believe it, Noah is one today!!! Where does the time go? I can vividly remember the last few days leading up to his birth as well as the day he was born and the days in the hospital, but after that…everything seems to speed up and be a blur. I feel like I […]

Noah is 11 Months Old!

I can’t believe next month my sweet baby boy will be one years old!!! I spent 2 years trying to get pregnant, then 9 months waiting for him…and suddenly he is almost one year in a flash! So crazy! I am so thankful for Noah and he was definitely worth the wait! This little guy […]

Noah is 7 Months Old

My little guy is getting so big and I can hardly believe he is already 7 months old! Noah wants to be big so badly and I am so not ready for him. I want him to stay a little baby forever, but that definitely is not happening. Noah is such a sweet baby and […]