Holiday Gift Guide: 21 Rhinos Review

**I received the product free of charge in order to do an hones review. No other compensation was received. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**

Sometimes I think men are the hardest to shop for, but this year I have discovered some great shops that make it easier. Today I would like to introduce you to 21 Rhinos.

21 Rhinos is an online tie shop and what sets them apart from other companies is that you can personalize the back of the tie with a picture, image, or message. So not only are you gifting a fashionable tie, but it’s also a tie with a personal meaning. Now that tie can be a reminder of your love and help inspire them. 

Their ties are made of quality microfiber that are made to be machine washable. The texture feels and resembles silk, but the difference is that it’s easily washable and doesn’t snag as easily as silk. My husband prefers microfiber ties for this exact reason. Their website is so easy to navigate and they have a wide variety of ties to choose from. It was so easy to add a picture and write a message. I love that this is included in the price and the ties range from $25 – $30 which is an excellent deal for these ties. 

My tie was shipped quickly and it’s a great looking tie! I know my husband will love this tie even before he sees the back of the tie. 

I love that as my husband is wearing this tie, he can flip the bottom part of the tie and see our picture and message. He’s a realtor so his salary is completely based off of commission so some days can be very stressful. This is a great way to remind him that we love him and are rooting him on. 

The 21 Rhinos ties would make great gifts for any man in your life! I know some grandpas who would love these with pictures of their grand kids on the back. These would also be great with a scripture or quote on them for a missionary, pastor, teacher, etc. I also love the idea of sending these to someone who is far away or travels a lot, this would really have special meaning to them and make such a great gift. So this holiday season, don’t forget to stop by 21 Rhinos

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  1. That is so clever!

  2. Sandyscouter says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Karen Glatt says:

    This is really cool site for ties. My Dad could use one of these for the Holidays. I will have to check out the site!

  4. Great idea for a granddad that is hard to buy for.

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