Chick-fil-A DIY Upcycling Challenge #chickfilamomsDIY

**I received a coupon for the salad free of charge and I’m entered into a contest for posting this. No other compensation was received and my thoughts are 100% my own.**

Those who know me know that I LOVE Chick-fil-A! Not only is their food amazing, but they are an amazing company. I love going there because every Chick-fil-A restaurant is so clean and the staff is so friendly. These are just a few reasons why I’m grateful to be part of the Chick-fil-A Mom Panel. Recently I was given a free coupon to get the new Spicy Southwest Salad and it was delicious! My husband had some of mine and he was incredibly impressed. The next time we went, he ordered the salad for himself and he NEVER orders salads! It is a bit spicy, but paired with the Frosted Lemonade makes it the perfect summer treat.


The salad bowls are really great and instead of throwing them away you should upcycle them. The Chick-fil-A Mom Panel members were challenged to come up with some ways that we can upcycle the salad container. There are really some amazing and talented moms out there! It seemed like every time I came up with an idea, another mom had already done it. I like to use materials that I already have at home and I had been planning to make a sugar tray so that my son could practice writing his letters, so I decided to use the salad container to make one. It was very easy. I just cleaned the salad container and then filled it with sugar. On the lid of the container, there are 4 small holes which made it perfect to tie some string through it and attach a chopstick and a pack of alphabet cards. I had a pack of cards with the alphabet on them already, but you could make your own with marker and index cards. 


The chopstick works perfectly to write through the sugar. My son had such a great time practicing writing his letters and I love that when he’s done, I just put the lid back on. 



My oldest wanted to join in the fun so we also used it with his math flashcards. He would read the flashcards and then write his answer in the sugar. This kid does not like to do any kind of school work, but now he’s been begging me to let him practice his math if he can use the sugar tray.



I plan to get another salad soon and I will keep the salad bowl so I can make another sugar tray. You could also let your child decorate the outside of the salad container and you could use salt or sand if you didn’t want to use sugar. Be sure to check out all the other #chickfilamomsDIY projects as well!

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