Holiday Gift Guide: Give Wonderful & Unique Children Gifts with eeBoo + Discount Code!

**I received the products featured below free of charge in order to do an honest review. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**


We have a lot of kids on our holiday shopping list and I try to look for gifts that will last for years and not be something that they will be getting from everyone else. I have found the perfect place to shop and that is at eeBoo.

eeBoo has great educational toys for kids of all ages. Their toys and games are boutique quality and are not only fun, but are high quality toys that you want to keep forever. I have three kids ages 1, 3, & 7. So I was sent three different products for each of my kids to review. 


My youngest just turned one a month ago, so she was sent the Tot Towers in the Read to Me design. This great set of blocks is the winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award and the Oppenheim Blue Chip Award. The blocks are beautifully illustrated by Saxton Freymann and they create great conversation with the questions that are on the blocks. It also introduces your child to shapes, numbers, animals, seasons, and colors as your child works on their large motor skills by stacking the blocks. 



My daughter loves the Read-to-Me Tot Towers and she loves to knock down the blocks! As she gets older, this will be a great way to teach her about so many things as well as have fun with building and knocking down the blocks. This would be a great gift for the young children on your shopping list.



My three year old loves trucks, so the Trucks and a Bus Die Matching Game was perfect for him. It’s a memory game, but is beautifuly illustrated by Monika Forsberg. The set has jumbo sized pieces which make it perfect for little hands. The game is also made from 90% recycled greyboard which is a great bonus. 



My 3 year old loves the game and it has already helped him to sharpen his recognition and memory skills. When we first started playing, he could never remember where any of the trucks were. As we have played it more, I have noticed that he is now able to find matches without any extra help. They have a variety of games like this and they would make great gifts for the preschoolers in your life.



My 7 year old loves board games so I thought the Slips & Ladders Board Game would be something he would enjoy. It’s recommended for ages 5 and up and is winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award. 




It’s an easy game to understand. You spin the spinner to see how many spaces you move. If you land on a ladder, you climb up. If you land a slide, you have to slide down the slide. It’s a fun game to play and my son really enjoyed it. It’s a great family game and I love that it doesn’t have any plastic pieces. 

If you are looking for unique gifts that children will love, then you need to check out eeBoo this holiday season.

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  1. dannyscotland says:

    Such cute games! Sammie looks like she is loving her stacking blocks. I love the choices you got to review. Matching games are so much fun, my toddler loves them, too. We also play a version of this ladder and slide game, but I love the bunnies and turtles on this one. Super cute!

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