Holiday Gift Guide: Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Fun Hallmark Christmas Movies

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I love Hallmark movies, especially Christmas Hallmark movies! They always have great messages in them as well as lots of holiday cheer. This holiday season, check out these two fun Hallmark movies: 

‘Tis The Season For Love 
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Price: $14.93
Synopsis: Hanna Baker, left her small town of Kern to seek the stardom that everyone knew was her destiny.  Now, ten years later, with none of her dreams coming to fruition and feeling like a failure, Hanna heads back to Kern for a real hometown, family Christmas, to cheer her up. Once back, Hanna sees that life in Kern has moved on quite nicely without her and she soon finds herself longing for her past.  Everyone seems so content with their lives… maybe leaving was a mistake. Everything changes when a magical Santa gives her the wonderful opportunity to see what her life would’ve been had she never left to pursue her acting dreams.  And she is shocked to learn that her alternate reality is nothing like she ever could’ve imagined, opening her eyes to new possibilities, new opportunities and a whole new love she never even considered. 
My Review
I loved this movie! I have actually watched it several times already. Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you went down a different path? I know I have! In this movie, Hanna Baker gets to do just that thanks to a magical Santa. It’s such a cute movie and I really enjoyed it. 
Ice Sculpture Christmas 
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Price: $14.93
Synopsis: As a little girl, Callie Shaw always knew she wanted to be an amazing chef.  Now, after spending years trying to get her foot in the door, she’s losing faith that she has what it takes to succeed.  Is it time to give up?  Working as the entry-level new hire in her hometown’s country club kitchen, Callie finally gets the opportunity to make a name for herself through a culinary Christmas ice-sculpture contest!  The only problem is that she’s paired with David Manning, a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur who believes whole-heartedly in Callie’s talents but knows nothing about ice sculpture.  If David can learn the ropes in time and help Callie believe she has all the right stuff, Callie just might enjoy a Christmas to remember, bringing her closer to a man who truly loves her and achieving her lifelong dream. Exclusive to Walmart and Sam’s Club.
My Review
I wasn’t sure if this would really be something I would enjoy, but it really was! It’s a cute romantic holiday movie that was pretty predictable, but it was still enjoyable and sweet. I really enjoyed watching the ice-sculptures being made too! 
If you are in the mood for some sweet and romantic holiday films, then Ice Sculpture Christmas and ‘Tis the Season for Love are perfect for you this holiday season.


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