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Gerber decided to make all of their formulas without the use of genetically modified ingredients because that is what a significant number of parents want. There is no reason to believe that Non-GMO products are healthier than other products, but because Gerber® Good Start® listens to their customers, they have made the switch to meet the evolving preferences of formula using parents. In honor of the release of the new Gerber® Good Start ® Infant Formula line-up to Non-GMO, I’ve teamed up with Gerber to share our Formula for Happiness


After having 3 kids, I have found a few things that have helped to create a happy, healthy home for my babies.  

1. Reading – I would start reading to my babies while I was still pregnant with them so I could get into the habit of reading to them daily. I set out two different times during the day where I will read to my baby. Sometimes we will get through 4-5 books in one sitting and other days we barely finish one book. I think the key is to being consistent. It’s a great way to bond with your baby and keep them happy.

2. Find the Right Temperature – This is something I did not learn with my first baby. He was a summer baby and I always worried he would be too hot, so I would not dress him warm at night and I can now see that part of the reason he did not sleep well at night was because he was too cold. Babies need to be kept a little warmer than we do. It gets really cold at night here during the winter, so we usually set our thermostat between 72 and 74 degrees and then we turn a fan on in our room since that’s a little too warm for us. 


3. Sleep – No one is happy if they are not getting enough sleep. Every child is different, so try to find what helps your baby to sleep well. My oldest always needed to be fed a bottle before he went to sleep. My 2nd child slept the best with white noise and with me rocking and singing him to sleep. My daughter has to have her zip-up wearable blanket on and flannel sheets. To find out what your baby likes, just keep experimenting with different things until you find the right combination that works for them. 



4. Playtime – Playing is an important part of your baby’s development. Make sure you are giving them age appropriate toys so that they are not in any danger. Also, get down on their level and play with them! 

Every baby is different so every formula for happiness will be different. I love hearing new ideas, so tell me what is your #formulaforhappiness?



  1. dannyscotland says:

    Great ideas! I have always read to mine a lot, especially at night. One thing I did with my oldest, to give her consistency and a bedtime cue, was that I read the same book last to her. Once I read “Goodnight Moon” that was it, and it was time to sleep. It worked well with her, and she transitioned away from that on her own. I don’t do that with my second child, and some nights she will be so sleepy she doesn’t want more than one or two books. I have always tried to limit the number or length so bedtime doesn’t drag too long. I live by the motto “Pick your battles”. For example, I don’t fuss much about what they wear, as long as it’s weather and location appropriate (and in my oldest’s case, follows school dress code as well). It has worked for us and the benefit is that when I do require them to wear something in particular, they don’t tend to fuss too much. I think it may be because they are usually allowed so much freedom of choice in what they wear. (But I don’t know for sure) And I have always told them, when they ask for something I can’t or won’t give them, like too many treats for example, that my job is to keep them safe and healthy first, and happy second. Those are some of the things I do that are part of my formula for happiness.

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