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**Today’s Post is sponsored by Huggies, but my love for their Little Movers Diapers is all my own!**

My daughter has reached that age where she won’t sit still! I don’t think she can sit still…she wants to move and explore. Once upon a time I could get adorable pictures of her just sitting. Now our pictures look more like this:


This is my last baby and it makes me so sad that she wants to grow up so quickly. Also, for some reason I thought a girl would be different from my boys. Okay, don’t laugh, but I seriously thought she would be more calm, make less messes, and be quiet. At first she really was all those things. She pretty much slept her first 4 months of life. When she was awake, she would be super calm and quiet. It also took her forever before she finally rolled. I was perfectly happy with that, but then suddenly during the last 3 months everything changed. Now she can’t sit still, is incredibly loud, and makes more messes than my two boys combined!



I think she is going to be my little dancer. She loves music, especially the Pretty Little Liars theme song. It doesn’t matter what she is doing (crying, eating, playing, etc) when that song comes on, she immediately stops, smiles, and starts dancing. Here’s a short little video of that:

Is there certain songs that calm your baby, stop them from crying, or get them up and moving? Share them below, I’m always looking for new songs for Sammie.


When Noah was a baby, he was a big mover as well. The second he mastered walking, he was off running! I couldn’t keep up with that kid. Neither could his diapers and he would barely hold still so I could put a diaper on him. So I was grateful for Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers.


They are so easy to slip-on and their “Moving Baby System” does a great job of gripping and fitting your baby in all the right spots. Your baby is able move around freely and comfortably. For me, they are a lifesaver and I love that I never have to worry about leaks. To learn more about Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers and Huggies Little Movers Diapers, click here.


I love capturing my babies as they explore their world each day. Huggies wants to see your babies on the move too! Post a photo or video on twitter or instagram using #SetBabyFree for the chance to be featured on Huggies social pages. What a fun opportunity! So let your babies be free and start capturing those moments of joy.



  1. dannyscotland says:

    My two girls are both messy. One came out calm and peaceful and the other came out screaming. It just makes life more interesting! Thanks for including your sweet kids in your posts. I love seeing them grow! (But I’m with you, I wish it could somehow happen slower)

  2. Oh my goodness, what a little doll! Such a cutie.

    The February Fox

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