Tips for Finding Your Formula For Happiness

Having a baby is such an exciting time. It’s also a little overwhelming to think that you are responsible for this precious, tiny baby. I know when we had our first baby, all I could think about was what I could do to make my child happy. After having 3 kids, these are the five things I have found for our #FormulaForHappiness:

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1. Food – A full belly equals a happy and content baby. Sometimes it takes time to find the right foods for your baby and I know many parents who have had to go on many quests to find just the right things to equal a happy and full belly.


2. Dry Diapers – No one likes to be wet or stinky, so if your baby is full, but they still seem unhappy then be sure to check their diaper.


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3. Cuddles – Sometimes my baby (and even the older kids) just need a cuddle or need to snuggle for awhile. This makes them feel safe, protected, and love. My husband and I love this time almost as much as my kids do.



4. Playtime – Playtime is the perfect time to be silly with your kids and my husband and I do just about anything to hear those adorable baby giggles.


5. Sleep – If your baby is not getting enough sleep, then they can’t be happy and honestly, neither can you. Getting on a good sleep schedule as soon as possible is very important.

Sleep is by far the most important quality to having a happy life. If my baby does not get her naps and a decent nights sleep, then she is such a grump that nothing (not even all the things I previously mentioned) can make her happy. If she doesn’t get sleep, then I don’t either and then not only is she unhappy, but so am I. I went through the sleep struggle with each of my kids and each child was very different. It also seemed like every few months things would change and I would have to start all over to figure out what was keeping them from getting the sleep they needed.


One good thing to know is that you are not alone. Having someone to talk to and support you is important and a great way to help you and your baby. That’s why I was so excited to learn that Gerber® Good Start® Gentle has now introduced a Certified Sleep Consultant for your little one’s needs. You can schedule a FREE appointment to get the advice you need.

So don’t wait, asking for help and advice is another great way to find your #FormulaForHappiness. What are your tips for creating happiness with your baby?

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