How to Host a Minecraft Party on a REAL budget

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Once Christmas was over, all Tobin could talk about was his birthday. His birthday is in June….so it’s been a long 6 months of nothing but birthday talk. He decided very early on that he wanted a Minecraft party with about a dozen kids. At first I was all for it, but then we had some major financial issues and the money for his party that I thought we would have was no longer available. So I got onto Pinterest and other websites and tried to find ideas for his party that would be incredibly cheap to put together. What a joke. Sure, there are places you can go and print off tons of Minecraft stuff, but don’t people realize how much color ink costs? For just one cartridge it would cost me about $30 for our printer. I only had about $30 to spend on the party and I wasn’t going to waste it all just for ink (and looking at all the things to print, it probably would have taken two ink cartridges). So I decided to go old school and go for a homemade party. First up was the invitations. I made them with construction paper, glue sticks, and then wrote on the back the details of the party. Cost: nothing since I already had those things, but if you didn’t…it would cost $2 for the construction paper and glue sticks from the dollar store.

The invitation were pretty easy to make. I just cut green rectangles and then I cut up black squares and then I drew a creeper mouth by looking at one on online and cut that out on black construction paper. It was time consuming, but not hard.


For decorating, I just used some black balloons we already had (you could purchase a pack from the dollar store for $1 if you didn’t have any) and I bought a two-pack of green streamers/crepe paper from the dollar store for $1. I decorated our stairs, put balloons out front, and then used the remainder of the streamers to hang from the doorway into the main party area. The kids LOVED that they had to walk through the streamers to get to the party.


Once the kids arrived, we had the kids decorate their own goody bags. I bought a dozen green paper sacks on Amazon for $1.49. Then I cut up black construction paper into black squares and black creeper mouths. I bought some extra glue sticks to add to the ones we already had, so I spent $1 at the dollar store for that. So the kids glued the creeper face onto their bags.



After that, we played 3 games. The first game we played was a drop the clothespin in the Creeper game. I used two plastic jars I already had and using construction paper, I made them look like creepers. Then I used some clothespins I already had (if you don’t have any, they cost $1 at the dollar store) and the kids would get 5 each to drop in. So I had two chairs with the backs facing each other with the jars directly beneath them. The kids would kneel on the chairs so that they were facing the backs of the chairs (I so wish I had taken a picture, but I didn’t). Then they would try and drop all 5 of their clothespins into the jar. Whoever of the two kids playing against each other got the most would then get their prize. For every game, I made sure there was enough prizes so everyone would get one. So the child who didn’t win, they would get to go in the back of the line and try again.


The next game we played was definitely everyone’s favorite game. I took a box and put the prize inside (12 “gold bars”) and then I wrapped it up a dozen times. You could use wrapping paper, but since wrapping paper costs money, I just used some white butcher paper that I already had. To make it “Minecraft” style, I just used an extra invitation I had made and put that on the front.




We then used the box to play “Musical Present”. We played a Minecraft Parody song on my phone and while the music played, the kids passed the gift. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to open ONE LAYER of the gift. I made sure everyone got a turn and then the birthday boy got to open it up and everyone got a gold bar. The kids loved this game! This is definitely a game we’ll play again in the future.


The last game we did was a cross between Minecraft, Angry Birds, and Nerf guns. I used Minecraft figures we already had, an Angry Birds game we already had, and Nerf guns that we already had. I set up the Angry Birds blocks and then put the Minecraft figures on top. The kids got into pairs and then with the two Nerf guns we had, they would each have 3 bullets to try and shoot down as many Minecraft characters as they could. Everyone got a prize which was little squirt guns.



PRIZES: The prizes we used were TNT, “Gold Bars”, and squirt guns. The TNT were just 5 pieces of Red Vine licorice bundled together with a strip of white paper that I wrote “TNT” on. I chose to buy a Costco size of licorice since we LOVE that licorice, but I only used a very small portion. You could probably just buy a bag or two from the store for about $2 each. The Gold Bars were little boxes I found on Amazon for about $3 for a pack of 12. I filled them with M&M’s (once again I bought the Costco size bag since they were on sale, but just a regular bag would be plenty and you could get that for about $2). The squirt guns were from the dollar store for $1 for a pack of 4. I bought 3 packs for a total of $3.



You could end the party there and do presents and then cake and ice cream, but we had our party go for 2 hours so we included lunch. Lunch was simple with 2 cheese Tony’s pizzas that I bought at the grocery store for $3.50 each (total $7). I then bought some pepperoni ($2) and cut it into squares to make a Creeper face on the pizzas. I gave the kids extra pepperoni with their slices. In addition to the pizza, we also gave them pretzel sticks ($2) and baby carrots with Ranch dressing ($1 for the carrots and we already had Ranch).


The drink was Minecraft Creeper juice which was just Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid ($0.10 each and I used 4 for a total of $0.40). I bought black plates (1 set of big plates and 1 set of small plates), green cups, black napkins, and a green tablecloth from the dollar store for $1 each (so a total of $5).


Next we did gifts and we made it fun by letting each kid hand the birthday boy their present.


After gifts, we had cake and ice cream. I made the cake and I had all the ingredients for it except for rock candy which I found in a bulk section at the grocery store for about $2. I also ordered the Minecraft figure that my son really wanted for the top of his cake and I had that as part of his birthday present. I bought it for about $10 off of Amazon. We bought a big bucket of generic ice cream at the store for about $5 and we used it for the birthday party and a family birthday party we had.



The total cost we spent on the party was under $30. If you eliminated lunch and did something simple like Minecraft brownies or something like that, you could throw a Minecraft party for under $20. The key is to think simple and use things you already have or that you can get from the dollar store. Some other game and favor ideas would be:

Minecraft Water Balloons – Fill up green water balloons and draw a creeper face on them and play water balloon games (or just fill up water balloons and create your own version of Minecraft games). You could make a big Creeper or Minecraft style target and have the kids throw water balloons at it.

Minecraft Bean Bag Toss – Use cardboard or plywood to make a bean bag toss board. Then you could either make bean bags, use beans bags you already have, use water balloons, or even just use rolled up socks to throw into the holes of the board.

Creeper balloons – You could use these for a game or favor or both! Buy green balloons and draw a creeper face on it. Then the kids can play different balloon games and/or just take them home with them.

Hide the Creeper – You could make or use a Creeper you already have and hide it and make the kids find it.

Creeper Candy Bars – This could go along with the Hide the Creeper game and you could just hide these candy bars for the kids to find and just tell the kids they can only find one. To make the candy bars, you could just draw or cut from construction paper a Creeper face and then glue it onto green construction paper. Then you could cover the candy bar with it (I would probably buy Hershey bars or something close to that shape to make it easy).

These are all just some ideas that I came up with that we didn’t end up doing. Our party was a great success and we didn’t have to spend tons of money on it. Just try and use things that you have at home and keep it simple. Feel free to share any of your Minecraft party ideas and tips below!



  1. dannyscotland says:

    Wow! That sounds like it was a great party, and you are super creative to do all that stuff. I agree about all the printable stuff out there these days. Ink is how they “get you” when you buy a printer. I even have one that has each color separate, but even those are about $15 a piece (just for one color). But I think doing it frugally made it even better! It was so creative and really, kids don’t notice how much money we spend. 🙂 Good job, Mom! Tobin looks thrilled!

  2. vickie couturier says:

    how adorable,,my grandsons are into minecraft too,,going to copy some of your ideals,thanks

  3. Looks great! I especially like the TNT wraps, though that’s probably because I love licorice. Your son is lucky to have a mom so invested in his happiness.

  4. Christina says:

    We are doing a Minecraft party in a few weeks and I love your ideas!

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