Enjoy Family Time this Summer with the Green Market Game from eeBoo

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I love summer time, because it means I get to spend a lot more time with my family. We usually spend a lot of times outdoors, but this summer the heat has been way too hot. Since we have a new baby, going outside is not something that we can do daily. So we have been trying to find new things to do indoors. I was excited when I learned about a new company called eeBoo and their variety of products that would help beat summer boredom.

eeBoo has a variety of crafts, games, and other products for imaginative play. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play games. My oldest has always been great at playing at games, but our 3 year old struggles with sitting still. So we are always searching for games that are not too hard and that will hold his attention. We were sent the Green Market Game to review and after looking at it, I knew this was the perfect game for my family.



The game is pretty simple, you have 4 boards and you need to collect a fruit, vegetable, a baked good, dairy, farmer, eggs, and a flower to win the game. You just spin the spinner to see which piece you need to get, but you have to get the farmer first before you can get any of the other items. The rules do say that you can omit that part to make it easier for younger players if you want to.


I like that you use a spinner so I don’t have to worry about dice and I love that it doesn’t have plastic pieces, just hard cardboard pieces. The spinner is easy to spin and my 3 year old understood the game very well. He loved spinning the spinner!



I loved that there were 4 different pieces for each category. For example, the dairy category had butter, cheese, yogurt, and milk to choose from. It makes a great teaching opportunity and I was able to teach my boys more about the different food groups. I was also able to broaden their vocabulary by teaching them new words like the different flowers and vegetables that were there.



My boys loved the game and we have played it a lot in the past week since we received it. It’s a great activity to do indoors when the weather makes it difficult for us to go outside. I would highly recommend the eeBoo Green Market Puzzle Spinner Game. Be sure to check out the other great products that eeBoo has to offer as well. Stay up to date on all the latest news and deals by following eeBoo on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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