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Hallmark is known for their wonderful greeting cards, but they also have a wide selection of special gifts and products that you can’t find anywhere else. I love seeing the new products they introduce and recently they added a great new interactive toy, Request a Song Mimi.


Request a Song Mimi is a cute little mouse that loves to sing. She comes with a songbook with lyrics to all the songs she sings. You tell her which song to sing and she sings it. You can then sing along with her, dance to the songs, or do both! We were pretty excited when we were sent one to review.


Mimi is so adorable and a lot of fun! The songs are really cute and we love listening to Mimi sing. The songs aren’t too difficult, but my kids haven’t been able to memorize them completely just yet. If you have a good reader, then they will love the booklet of songs so that they can follow and sing along with Mimi. To make Mimi sing, you first turn her switch to the ‘on’ position and then press the musical note on her foot. Mimi will then greet you and ask what song you would like to sing. You have to look Mimi in the face and speak loudly and clearly. You request which song you want to sing from her playlist or just say “Mimi’s Choice” and she will pick one for you.


My kids love listening to Mimi sing, but they do struggle with getting her to work on their own. You have to look directly at her and speak towards her face. You also have to speak clearly, which my kids don’t always do. Once she starts singing though, they have a good time dancing and listening to her sing. Their favorite song is “Wiggle Wiggle Hop Hop” which is a freeze song. When she calls out “Stop”, you have to stop dancing and “freeze”. They love to dance, so this is one they listen to a lot. Here is a little video of them dancing to “Wiggle Wiggle Hop Hop”.

We love Hallmarks’ Request a Song Mimi and would highly recommend it.


  1. dannyscotland says:

    Oh my goodness, that little mouse is too adorable! Even if she was just a plush, she would be so cute! But the song part, that’s just too cool. I have never heard of a toy that you just tell to sing and it will sing. That’s amazing!

  2. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is just adorable and would be fun for long road trips!

  3. vickie Couturier says:

    how adorable,,id love one of those too

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