Showing our #DisneySide with a Disney Side @Home Celebration

**I received a variety of products free of charge to help host a Disney Side party. No other compensation was received. My thoughts are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**

You may remember me talking about getting my Disney Side Party Kit a little while ago, well I finally had my party and it was amazing! Since this party is all about showing your Disney Side, I wanted to get my guests in on the action and show their own #DisneySide. So I asked each person to bring a dish to share that had a Disney theme. I also encouraged everyone to dress up and let them know there would be prizes for the best costumes. I was so impressed that everyone really got into it. The food definitely looked and tasted amazing and I loved that everyone helped to make it spectacular. This also made it a lot easier on me since I was having the party at my parent’s house instead of my house.



Slinky Dog Pasta Salad


Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Patties


Snow White’s Caramel Apple Salad


Olaf Noses


Mickey 7 Layer Bean Dip


Mickey Pizza


Toy Story Rex Cookies


Mickey Mouse Cake


“Frozen” Punch


Wishing Well Water


Disney Park’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream

I loved that almost everyone dressed up and some of the costumes were amazing and very creative! A lot of the costumes were homemade and I really was impressed at how great everyone looked.



Boo was the winner of the Kid’s Costume Contest. I can’t believe her mom made the costume out of old towels. Very creative!


This was my favorite costume, they were the young couple from the movie UP!


Merryweather (the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty) was the winning adult costume. It was another homemade costume completely made out of sheets!






Once everyone arrived, we started off in the craft room where kids could use Mickey and other Disney stickers (as well as Crayola crayons) to make their own placemats. I had different colored cardstock and had printed out each of the names using a Disney font. Once the kids were done decorating their placemats, I then laminated them. They were a big hit, but the kids finished way too quickly for me to snap a picture of all of them working on it.



The adults were also invited to decorate a Family Tree picture that I had received in my Disney kit, but they were too busy with their kids to do that so they took them home instead to work on later. Once everyone was done with the crafts, we had a great time eating the yummy food! Once everyone had their fill, we started playing games. First was the “Pin the Smile on Mickey” game which just the little kids played.







Next, we played a Disney Trivia game that all the adults participated in and I discovered that my family is VERY competitive! It was a lot of fun. After that, we played Disney Bingo with everyone.





Everyone received some fun goody bags that I put together. For the adults, I added puzzles I bought as well as some “pixie dust” and a Mickey Mouse treat I made to go along with the other goodies I received. Each couple received a goody bag.




These lollipops were made with Oreos and covered with chocolate and sprinkles.

The kids all got some fun treats of their own which included a few things I bought such as ring pops, fruit snacks, and the Mickey Mouse treats I made.


Our party was a great success and everyone kept talking about it for days afterwards. It was a lot of fun and I hope one day my whole family can visit the Disney Parks together. This was a great way for us to show our Disney Side, how do you show your Disney Side? Don’t forget to check out to get some great ideas on how to show your DisneySide as well as ideas to host your own DisneySide party.


  1. Looks fun! I’m impressed with the food and the costumes too!

  2. dannyscotland says:

    It looks like it was a great party! I love the Merryweather costume. How cool that your family gets together to do stuff like this just for fun. I love that!

  3. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Wow that is pretty awesome, I only wish my family and friends would participate in something like that. I know the grandkids would love it.

  4. It looks like such a great time, and that Micky cake is fabulous.

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