The Cutest Newborn Hats: Infanteenie Beenie Review

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When I discovered that I was pregnant with my first girl, I was determined that the world would know from the beginning that she was a girl and not be mistaken for a boy. Hospital hats are wonderful for newborns since they fit perfectly on those tiny heads and of course help to keep their sweet little heads warm. Unfortunately, hospital hats aren’t necessarily that cute and are usually gender neutral. I remember with my first baby, I was not happy when they put a pink and blue striped hat on his sweet little head. I immediately took it off, I wanted everyone to know he was definitely a boy! Wouldn’t it be great if your baby’s first fashion wear could clearly state whether they were a boy and girl…as well as keep their little heads warm and keep them looking adorable? I would like to introduce you to Infanteenie Beenie.


INFANTEENIE BEENIES™ are the only hats GUARANTEED to fit & stay snug on all newborns! Whether you have been blessed with a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl, your baby will have the best quality hat during their hospital visit. Your baby will instantly have comfort, warmth & style in one bundle! Better yet, your baby will make a bold impression in the nursery and all their first photos will look absolutely amazing. Infanteenie Beenies™ are made from newborn hospital hat material allowing you to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for your newest addition.


There were so many adorable hats to choose from, but I decided to get the Her First Bow. It was shipped quickly and arrived in an adorable little canvas bag. Perfect for gift giving or packing in your hospital bag.


My daughter was born at the end of October and the second she was handed to me (with that horrible pink and blue striped hat) I told my husband to stop taking pictures until her Infanteenie Beenie was on her head. No one messes with a woman who just had a baby…so immediately her adorable hat was placed on her head.




We got so many great reactions to the hat and many nurses came by just to see it. I loved that everyone could tell immediately that I had a baby girl. Best of all, it actually stayed on her head and still does. I still use the hat at bedtime since babies lose most of their heat from their heads. It’s recommended for birth up to 3 months, so I’m sure we will get several more months of great use out of this hat.



If you are looking for a great gift to give at a baby shower or to give to a new mother, I would highly recommend Infanteenie Beenie.

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  1. I loved reading your review and am super glad you loved your Infanteenie Beenie! Little Miss Sammie is just beautiful!!! Many Baby Blessings, Missy FREE SHIPPING CODE IN MY ETSY SHOP FOR YOUR READERS: code is, FREESHIP

  2. Those beenies look really cute and seem to stay on well! Adorable!

  3. so adorable! I actually used one of their hats when I gave birth to my baby girl a couple years ago! 🙂 so worth the price

  4. dannyscotland says:

    So adorable! The hats are really cute, but quite frankly, the baby sort of overshadows them. 🙂

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I would have loved to have a hat like this when I had my daughter. It is so cute and I love the pink bow on it. What a cute picture of your baby girl!

  6. vickie couturier says:

    those hats are so cute,,I wish they had those when my babies were little,your daughter is such a little doll

  7. The cutest newborn Beenie!!!

  8. cute hats!!! I make hats but never made any for newborns, it has me thinking!!!

  9. Rebecca Kellerman says:

    These are so adorable! I love bows for little girls!

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