Second Time Around

I decided to start up this blog because right now I feel like I am in the second time around with a lot of things! This is my second blog, my son just turned one so now I feel like we’re doing all the holidays and things like that for the second time! Also, in January we are planning on starting to try to have another baby….so next year I will be going through my second pregnancy and then have my second baby! If everything goes well, hopefully next year we will also be buying our second house! So this time in my life I am entitling “The Second Time Around”.
So, I thought it was only fitting to write a blog about it! I will post my stories, advice, asking for advice, and also I will tell you about my new fave thing…giveaways! So, I will post all about the giveaways I am entering and hopefully in the near future I will also be doing my own giveaways and reviews…if there’s anyone who knows how to go about that or would like to give me something to review and giveaway….please let me know!


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