Leapfrog Text & Learn PDA Review

I recently won a Text & Learn PDA from Leapfrog and when I first received it I planned to put it in my closet and save it for my son for when he was a little bit older (he is only 14 months old). The package had said 3+, but as soon as my son saw it, he wanted to get it out. So, I opened it up and turned it on…and I became very impressed! It is set up to look like a PDA so the letters are like a keyboards. You can press any letter and it will say the letter as well as show the letter on the screen, the sound the letter makes, and then come up with a sentence and show the action on the screen. For example, C is for Cuddly Canine…and you see an adorable puppy running around on the screen!
It also has different modes where you can play games. One game deals with shapes and the other one deals with letters. There is also a mode for text messaging where your child receives a text message and they can send a text message. There is also a calendar mode where they can learn about the days of the week. There is also a music mode where they can discover different types of music.
I love it and my son loves it! It is lightweight so I can easily toss it into the diaper bag and pull it out at a restaurant (there are two different noise levels) or just about anywhere. It is a great toy for the car! We recently went on a very long road trip and this toy came in very handy and was responsible in entertaing our son for very long periods of time!
The only thing I would change is I wish the screen lit up or at least had the option of lighting up. If it’s kind of dark, the screen is kind of hard to see, but other than that, this is the perfect toy! I would highly recommend this to anyone and I know my son will enjoy this even more as he gets older! You can go to http://www.leapfrog.com/toys/ to order one or get more information!


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