Giveaway Coming Next Week!

So, I am just waiting for one of the pics of one of the onesies that you will get to choose from if you are the lucky winner, but if I don’t get it from her by Monday, then I’m going to go ahead and post the giveaway anyways…I have a pic of one that is close to it, just the onesie is a different color!
Also, I will be participating in the Food Fest that will be going on the week of Sept. 7th. So stay tuned here, because I will be having my own giveaway for a gift certificate to somewhere that has yummy food…you will find out when I announce the giveaway, so be sure to follow…I will also keep you updated daily on where you can go to find other great food giveaways on the other blogs that will be participating! So, there’s lots of things to look forward to!
So, be sure to become a follower so that way you can keep informed. Also, those who become a follower BEFORE I start my FIRST giveaway will be able to get bonus entries! So hurry and become a follower before you forget!

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